Social Media Management Packages


Social Media Management – Agent Package

$150 Initial Set-up Fee - Account Staging – Creation/optimization of new pages or revamping of tired old pages

$49 p/month (no contracts can cancel anytime)

4 Social Media Business Pages/Channels include:

  Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn

2-3 Daily (weekday) posts on each channel


Social Media Management - Brokerage/Team Package

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We create, maintain and insure that your social media presence is informative, educational, engaging and updated regularly. When potential clients and customers research you, we'll make you look good - you do the rest! Content is designed/selected to keep you top of mind with your followers and to encourage sharing of content to grow your brand. Generically, real estate related articles are only of interest to buying and selling customers during the very brief period of their lives that they are actually engaged in that process. It is critical that you always remain top of mind outside that buying and selling period to maximize your name recognition, maintain and grow your brand and be the first that people recommend and refer. Content includes timely articles related to home and garden, interior and exterior design, DIY, buying and selling real estate and other material of interest to home owners and those still working to achieve the American dream.

Clients will have the ability to post to their business pages if they like.  It is effective to add posts/photos that reflect the activities of their specific business so followers can build a familiarity with the faces and activities that make their business unique from the competition.  

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