Founded by award-winning real estate marketer Steve Baker in 2016, The Sophisticated Gnome is the evolution of real estate marketing into something different . . . something personal and unique.  Our approach to marketing and personal branding embraces modern techniques and the personal expression of self in all its uniqueness and diversity.  


We are Real Estate Marketers, graphic designers and REALTORS® with the specialized knowledge and expertise to understand both the wants and needs of brokerages, brokers and real estate agents because we have worked and are licensed in the profession. This unique combination of education, experience and expertise provides us with the specific insights and talents to make your social media presence . . . well, simply outstanding.


The Story of the Sophisticated Gnome

The gnome of yesteryear has evolved from the humble yet magical beginnings which are the legend of their forefathers. Liberated from their oft dark places in nature and then freed from the toil of simple garden keeper, now a new legend of the gnome is being written. They retain their mythical skills in magic and weave their talents into the fabric of today’s commerce.

Today’s “Sophisticated Gnome” manufacture inspiration, powered by their long-held industrious nature. They cultivate ideas through their timeless creative spirits. Industrious and indefatigable they’ve become the new symbol of professionalism, trust and integrity in modern times. For truly they are the new champions of diversity and rightness in the world, propagators of dreams, and the masons of the entrepreneurial spirit that pushes us to build all things bigger and better than ever before. They are the example of the realization of our best-selves and today they endeavor to help us become the same.



Steve Baker
CEO, Head Gnomie

“It’s easy to succeed in business when excellence becomes the exception; and excellence is the very least you’re willing to give.”
— Steve Baker, The Sophisticated Gnome

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